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A Little Bit About Me...

One of the things I love about a small, tight-knit community is meeting someone new and in order to get to know you, they need to know who your parents, grandparents or sometimes great-grandparents are.  This used to make me giggle, but now I find myself doing it.....  So for those who don’t know me, here goes....

My married name is Kelly Maracle.  I have been Kelly Maracle since 1997 when I married my husband and best-friend, Mike Maracle.  Before that I was Kelly Brant.  I use both names on social media to connect with old friends whom I have lost touch with through the years.  Social media is a great way of reaching electors, so I am using the name Kelly (Brant) Maracle, which is the name you will find on the ballot!

Mike and I have three children, who we are crazy proud of - Keelan, Kennedy and Ryan.  They are our world!  You may also hear us gushing about our newest grand baby or cheering at a hockey game (where we spend many hours, and we love it!). #gobulls

I have one sister, named Shannon and my parents are Dale Brant (son of Mavis and Harold Brant) and Kathy Brant (daughter of Bob and Joan Barnhart).  I feel grateful to have a lot of uncles and aunts and cousins, both directly related and related through marriage.  I couldn’t imagine being away from my family or living anywhere else.   Our home and being a part of this community is something we are proud of.  As a community we are always looking out for each other, we might not always see eye to eye, but when it counts we come together! I would be very honoured to represent MBQ as your councillor.