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As we get to know each other...  


The results are in and the new Council starting December 18, 2019 and ending December 17, 2021 are

Chief R. Donald Maracle


 Josh Hill, Ted Maracle, Kelly Maracle and Lynda Leween.

Thanks for your support, it is an honour to have been elected.  I will do my best to earn this opportunity by always working in the best interest of the collective.  

"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear.  Optimism is better than despair.  Let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic.  And we'll change the world."  Jack Layton

Hockey and Politics

11 November 2019

This time of year we are already mid-season in hockey.  It is my world and my hockey player is my sun (and son!).  We love to be at the rink, cheering for our team!  #gobulls And during those hours of waiting and waiting and waiting for him to come out of the dressing room, gives me pause for thought.

Hockey and politics are similar with one small difference.  

They are the same in that we are a team, as a community and as a council, we are a team!  We might not always like the coaching,  and the players might make a mistake or miss the net, but in the end, WE ARE A TEAM.

Chief and council are five relative strangers who must come together, figure out how to communicate with each other and work together in order to get the “puck to the net”. They have fans (or maybe not) that are shouting “do this” and “do that”, but mostly they are cheering.  Again, we are a team, and you can’t have a strong team without supporters.

The small difference is that when we are playing as a hockey team, we are playing for the win...  There is not much else to play for.  Sportsmanship, developing skills, learning new plays, all of these things are important, but at the end of the day, they keep score for a reason.  

Running for council is not a win or lose situation.  We are not coming out trying to draw the penalty or score the overtime goal.  For me, it is not about that.  It is about all of us showcasing what we can do to assist you in making your choice.  It is so that you can compare our values to yours and for you to pick the best team.  The team that can move our community forward and work together in the best interest of all, for the next two years.  

Looking Back


A lot of my posts have been about looking forward and what we can do, as a community, over the next two years.  The fact of the matter is that past behaviour predicts future behaviour, so I thought that I better tell you what I have been up to so that you know I am indeed a person of action.


In these past two years I have finished up my credits to earn my BA in Public Administration and Governance.  This course is through Ryerson University and FNTI and I have had the pleasure of working with some fabulous Indigenous professors who have committed to being resources to us post graduation.  I have also created a stronger and broader network of resource people to call on and share when needed in our brother and sister communities and beyond.  What I have really learned is that our challenges are not always unique and we do not need to invent the wheel every time.  


I have had the privilege and honour to work with some great communities through my business and other employment opportunities over these past two years and have learned a lot.  I have been inspired by the leadership in these communities and have been soaking all of it in.  My current position is a term contract and was timed with this election in mind.  I am working as a Policy Analyst for AIAI and am exposed to government and legislation in the area of education.  I am learning a lot and expanding, again, my contacts which will be beneficial when I am in the role of councillor.  Further this job ends in early 2020, where should I be fortunate enough to  get in to council I will be able to fully focus on our community.


My intent is to treat this role as the full-time commitment by having regular office hours to increase access for staff to their portfolio holder and to have a better understanding of the programs within my portfolio.  As well, TMC as a team should review what is currently being done and ensuring that  meetings are occurring frequently enough to not delay decisions impacting others. 


 I truly believe that we need to operate in a proactive way for the betterment of the community.  I hope you do too!


"Every election is determined by the people who show up." Larry J. Sabato


On December 7th, show up!  On December 7th please vote for me, Kelly (Brant) Maracle for council!


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